What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Virtual Assistant and Diary Management Live Receptionist Answering Service Features.

Managers today are busier than they ever have been. There are meetings to attend, calls to answer, spreadsheets to complete and customers to take care of. Some of the work is high level work whilst a reasonable chunk of the work is not so high level and quite time consuming.

It has been estimated by a number of management consultants that the average manager is spending as much as 40% of their working time attending to simple administrative tasks, calls from customers, adding meetings into a diary management system or maintaining some sort of web log or form.

This doesn't have to be the way, you can make use of our Virtual Assistant service to carry out a whole range of lower level jobs and as such free you up to focus on growing your business and getting things moving.

Our virtual assistants are flexible, experienced and efficient. You only pay by the minute for the actual time used.

Our Rates Are Really Quite Affordable

  • $45 per month - with no included calls
  • MyAssistant - a one-off set up fee of $50
  • Pay for the calls that we answer for you - $2.65 per minute.
  • Diary Management initial set up fee - one-off charge of $99

Australia based assistants who are flexible. competent. affordable. experienced.

Using a virtual assistant for your small business just makes sense. Our assistant can be focus on getting the time consuming admin work done while you focus on strategy and building your business. Get back to doing what you started your business for in the first place!

NO minimum term
NO long term contracts


For 7 days. No obligation. No credit card required.