What Value can a Co-working Space bring to your Business?

What Value can a Co-working Space bring to your Business?

Firstly, let’s be very clear about the definition. A co-working space is a place where different people from all sorts of businesses and organisations go to complete their tasks and projects. A co working space is different to the term “co-workers” which usually means people at the same company. Are we clear, ok?

To make it even clearer, in the old days when people took their assignments and tasks to the local library and used those quiet rooms to get things done and other strangers also sat in the same rooms getting their own work done – they were all at a co-working space – they just didn’t know it!

We can also call a co-working space a “shared office space” but like anything where humans are involved, the name will evolve.

So what Value can our Co-working Spaces bring to your Business?

Firstly, it’s a stylish dedicated professional place to work, with a corporate atmosphere. A comfortable table and chair in large airy superbly designed spaces where like-minded people can open up their laptops and work on their business. Secondly it’s a cost effective space, not expensive. While you work you are accessing WIFI and good lighting and air conditioning. All our co-working spaces offer refreshments and access to microwaves and fridges and of course it’s a hygienic space with bathrooms and furnishings that are regularly cleaned and well-maintained. There are also superb sweeping city skyline views from many of our high floor CBD sites across Australia.

Thirdly, shared workspaces provide absolute flexibility. You can utilise most of our co-working spaces from a minimum term of just one day – that’s the ultimate flexibility – totally customer focussed.

A Cultured Safe and Stylish Work Space to Rely on

Imagine if you and your staff are often travelling back and forth across Australia from city to city, setting up new marketing campaigns, working on mergers & acquisitions, sourcing providers, opening up new opportunities, building revenue. You’ll need somewhere to work in each location. Our prestige CBD co-working spaces are modelled in the same format from city to city – so you have the same furniture design, the same ambience and tasteful décor and the relaxing familiarity of a service offering that really meets your needs – from Perth to Adelaide to co-working in Melbourne to Sydney coworking spaces and onwards to Brisbane.

The Buzz of being in a Comfortable Environment of Business Talent

Another valuable component of the co-working option is the buzz of being in a professional corporate environment with people of all types of talent and ability, and because everyone works for different companies there is absolutely none of the office politics and gossip that plague too many companies.

A shared office space can really be like the ideal polite and friendly model that we all expect, smart people working together but separately, all sharing the same ambience and facilities that their work life requires.

There is also the plus of networking and you could easily meet a new prospective customer while admiring the view from the 24th floor as you take a break and dunk your teabag, but if you want your privacy, no-one is going to bother you.

Whether it’s in Melbourne’s CBD at Collins Square or Eagle Street Brisbane or St Georges Terrace Perth or co-working at Barangaroo in Sydney or at any of our other locations, a co working space at Service Office Directory is always an efficient environment for business professionals.

Absolute Versatility, a coworking environment that suits your needs and your mood.

A coworking space is there when you need it. Your mood can change from day to day but the space is always there if that’s where you want to be today. Sometimes its ok to work from home or on the train or on the plane but its nice to have a supporting cocoon around you. Need to print a document. Done. Want to sit for a while with a tea and look at the view and plan your presentation. Done. Need to make a long Skype call in a phone booth with utmost privacy? Done.

Come and work for a few hours. Come for the whole day. Take a day off and come in tomorrow. A co work space fits into your mood and your ever changing agenda. It’s the certainty of always having a relaxed ambience to utilise that’s professional and economical, with all the facilities you require within easy reach.

Call us, contact us at Serviced Office Directory. Choose the convenience. Add the value.

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