Securing office space, fast!

Securing office space, fast!

Across the commercial world, more businesses are looking to flexible commercial property options like virtual offices and serviced offices as an alternative to conventional office space. As opposed to long leases and hidden costs like maintenance, facility costs, furnishing and equipment installation, serviced offices are completely managed, fully out-fitted and offer transparent monthly, all-inclusive fees. Our flexible subscriptions provide access to office space by the month - enabling businesses to scale up or down as required, and lets you secure serviced office space for you and your team, here in Australia or at our other sites around the world. A serviced office lets you secure a great working environment – within a few hours!

Serviced offices are also called executive offices, managed offices or business centres. Companies that manage serviced offices are responsible for maintaining the facilities and accommodating businesses – they’ll take care of absolutely everything. Whether a single office is needed, or adjoining offices are combined for a larger number of employees, spaces can be configured for the best results. This type of flexible workspace is part of a growing global shift as businesses look for more agile ways of procuring office space.

The best way to secure temporary office space.

If you are a business owner who occasionally needs temporary office space, a serviced office is a perfect solution. These spaces are typically located in modern business centres and offer a variety of business amenities, including meeting rooms and private business suites. Many serviced offices allow you to rent individual space on an hourly or daily basis, without the long-term commitment of renting for an extended period of time. This makes them particularly ideal for entrepreneurs or freelancers who frequently travel or work remotely. Whether you are visiting clients, catching up with WFH employees, or simply need a quiet place to focus on your work, a serviced office provides the perfect environment for business success. So if you're looking for fast access to a convenient, affordable rental space for business activities, look no further. Don’t search google for “business rooms for rent” – just contact us at Serviced Office Directory.

The popular alternative to conventional office space

Serviced offices have really grown in popularity in recent years, and it's easy to see why. Most serviced offices are often located in business districts or near public transportation, so they are a very convenient option for businesses that need to be centrally located – allowing easy access for visiting clients and WFH staff.
These locations in mostly prime CBD business districts give users access to great options for the best dining and hospitality in the city, besides offering superb city views from their high floor sites.

A serviced office makes it affordable for companies to create a business presence at an address that would normally be cost prohibitive, giving their business a more impressive image and hence a competitive edge. And thanks to the worldwide network of business centres, our Serviced Offices also provide users with an opportunity to expand quickly into new markets with the confidence of knowing the provider.

This option is ideal for businesses that require an immediate, affordable and temporary workspace. With a serviced office, you can move in straight away, thanks to the pre-furnished and decorated spaces. The flexibility of these solutions also makes them ideal for growing businesses that need a temporary space.

For International companies seeking to develop their brand within Australia, the serviced office model is perfect for providing a low cost almost immediate business presence. While still establishing the necessary provider and customer relationships , a Serviced Office is the perfect base in the new marketplace. Imagine how quickly a business can set up their Australian network by utilising Service Offices. Contact the Serviced Office Directory and we can help you expand to secure serviced offices in Sydney, a Melbourne serviced office or serviced offices in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart. Use your new Serviced Office address for all marketing and present your image to the new marketplace almost overnight. This is the wise way to develop a presence in new markets - be at a location that you know prospective clients will respect, but do it in the smart cost effective way with Serviced Office Directory.

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