Good Health – The Importance of a healthy office during Covid19.

Good Health – The Importance of a healthy office during Covid19.

Life has changed. The pandemic has altered the way we live. It is likely that the world will need to keep the SOPs and precautions against Covid19 for an indeterminate time.

We all still need to be employed and work, but the work place itself has changed. The previous office layout has been shown to be not fit for purpose, not suited for the health of your staff.

Those days of row upon row of employees working at their computer screens are over. The days of cramped lifts and crowded boardrooms have ended. We are all much more conscious of each other’s space -the comfort zone for distance between others has expanded, we’ve pushed out the borders to ourselves by four or five feet.

A healthy office, a safe space is now an absolute necessity. Employees make the judgement whether a workspace is sanitary and sterile, regardless of the edicts of management - if your staff don’t feel comfortable in the office space, they’ll either demand to WFH or find another job. Covid19 hasn’t just made individuals conscious of their own well-being – wherever they go and whatever they do they are conscious of not becoming infected - so as not to infect their families and loved ones.

A Healthy Space

The office workplace of today and tomorrow needs space. Clearly defined space between people. The office needs separation between people in the boardroom, in the bathrooms, in reception, in the lift, in the hot desk space, in the IT innovation hub, in the presentation area, in client services, in finance, everywhere that people go in the office – social distancing is the rule.

Because of the requirements for social distancing many companies have found their existing office space can no longer accommodate their staff. Alternatively businesses have also realised that with many of their employees now working from home, the central offices of the firm are now very under-utilised and simply empty and expensive space.

The cost-effective solution to the changes wrought by Covid19 is to adopt a policy of flexibility, of adaptability.

Serviced offices are the best solution in this uncertain environment. A Serviced Office allows your business to meet and entertain clients in a totally fit for purpose setting where constant sanitising procedures, great air flow and plenty of hygienic space will placate even the most fastidious visitor. Our Serviced offices are also always located centrally and conveniently close to key transport hubs and parking can always be arranged, so staff and clients travelling to your office will only spend a minimum time transiting to you.

A Serviced Office will serve as your company hub while surrounded by WFH staff. You’ll have the option to arrange physical catch ups with your remote teams on a regular basis, using our dedicated conferencing and break-out facilities – and they will be happy to come and visit such a hygienic and stylish space – and did we mention the great views from your high floor office space? Sydney Harbour, The Brisbane River, Melbourne sunsets?

At your Serviced Offices you can have private suites for your executive team, you’ll also gain entry to excellent conferencing spaces with the very best IT equipment and support. There will be high-speed internet, catering services, 24/7 access and you can put your company name on the door and even opt for a totally customised layout.

Clean, thoroughly clean. New, completely new fittings and furnishings. Safe secure and central with guaranteed excellent indoor air quality. A Serviced office is a healthy office. Give up arranging Covid19 safety compliance for your employees all by yourself. Give up looking at all that under-utilised office space that’s burning money. Give up working on the edges of your business and trying to solve your dynamic challenges with static resources.

Your Serviced Office frees you and your team, we’ll support you – define your strategy, implement your plans, lead your teams, grow and prosper in safe, secure, fit for purpose surroundings.

Versatile, Flexible. Scale up or scale down. A premium office address.

A Serviced Office isn’t just a cost effective healthy option during these challenging pandemic days.

It’s the solution.

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