LOCATION, LOCATION. How important is your business office location?

LOCATION, LOCATION. How important is your business office location?

There are lots of reasons that should influence your decision on where to locate your business office. (The impact of Covid19 has also brought its own complications to the choice of office location).

If your manufacturing business is truly customer focussed and physically interacting with customers for sales is important, then you’ll need to locate somewhere where its easy for your customers to visit. Parking, Google Maps. Make it easy. Location equals customer visit.

If you are a medium sized enterprise with upwards of 50 staff and you must have your people on site, you need to locate your offices in a region where your staff can easily commute and if the quality of staff is vital – your location should be where a pool of prospective employees reside. Near the Uni? Location equals access to talented people.
Prestige is an additional element that can affect location decisions. Law Firms, Major Bank HQs, Management Consultants, Architects and Design Agencies etc – these are all enterprises that need a location that is prestigious and respected. Location equals brand esteem.

Sometimes the reason where business offices are located can be as simple as being nearby and cheap and convenient to the business owners’ home. Location equals business owner’s commute.

So how has Covid19 impacted the choice of location?

If many of your staff spend substantial time travelling on public transport you may well find they are not so keen to keep travelling anymore and mixing with other people – especially if they have already had a taste of WFH. So that great deal on the long-term lease of the factory and offices in the outer suburbs may not look so ideal.  The price point benefit of the location has now been outweighed by the underlying disadvantages of distance. WFH may be the only solution if you want to keep staff, but its not your choice anymore.

The best location as a result of the impacts of Covid19 is a site that is hygienic. Hygienic means new furniture, new easily cleanable furnishings, large spacious lifts, spotless floors, great air quality, rigorous sanitising and strictly enforced Covid19 protocols.
The best location means space, lots of space for meetings where people can socially distance with total ease. Lots of space for people to work without being in the airflow of other people’s conversations and coughs. A conventional rigid office design won’t suffice in today’s environment The boardroom that was once suitable for 12 people is now only suited for 8 at best. No-one wants to sit so close to each other anymore, a lesson has been learnt – it can’t be ignored now, the lesson has been coded into the mindset of the labour force – social distancing means safety.

The best office location is also central. People want to get to their destination quickly, with the least drama possible. That only happens when the location is near all the main transport nodes – expressways, rail stations, bus routes, ferry wharfs etc.

Finally, the best office location needs to be scalable. If you need to expand the office space at the site and add in twenty more people – it can be done. If you need to reduce your company footprint because more staff are now WFH, it can easily done. The best office location is dynamic not static.
It’s hard to find the perfect office space location that meets every criteria, and in the end its secondary to the product or services your business sells. Your home is not you. Your office space is not you. Its just where you work your magic.

The best office location does exist.

It’s a scalable, ultramodern secure Serviced Office located in the centre of the CBD in a stylish office building on the high floors. Its cost effective because you are not locked into the site by any long-term lease and you only pay for what you use. It’s a smart decision because your staff and clients will want to be there in the great surroundings with the superb views – it’s a place that will enthuse. Conference rooms, meetings rooms, private suites, office branding, fully stocked kitchens, in-house catering, co-working spaces, car and bicycle parking, 24/7 access.
Location. Location.

Our Serviced Offices are always sited at the best locations.

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