Static or Dynamic. Does your business image match your office space?

Static or Dynamic. Does your business image match your office space?

Image matters. Even if the majority of your staff are now WFH, they still crave to come in and visit and interact with their fellow employees. People still really want to meet people. If you provide your WFH staff a stylish environment to meet in and catch up with their colleagues, they’ll look forward to the visit and present well and be enthusiastic. That stylish environment is a Serviced Office conference space with city views, high speed internet, in-house catering and located so centrally that transport is a breeze.

If the workplace is really a second home for your staff, do you ever wonder if they like the office space? When good talented staff are increasingly hard to find – will you still offer prospective staff a crowded office that’s clearly cramped when Covid19 comes to mind?

With a Serviced Office solution you’ll still save money but you’ll also improve your business brand. You won’t pay for utilities or cleaning or security or maintenance. You won’t need to buy office equipment that you need but rarely use. You’ll pay only for what you use.

How about some private suites for your executive team and a co-working space for your sales staff when they need to put together presentations and brainstorm ideas?
You’ll be on a trajectory for growth when you pitch to blue chip businesses from a modern meeting room fitted out with the very best in tech and with stunning harbour views. How could you ever win that business without making a good impression? Were those key prospective clients really going to sign after coffee at your local?
If your business image doesn’t match your office space, change it.

The reason many businesses remain at the same location with the same layout is that they think it is simply too hard to change or even worse, they don’t see a reason to change. They developed their product and gained clients and revenue but stopped constantly evolving. Its not like a renowned jeweller or art gallery that has simply always been there and receives a constant stream of business simply for their bespoke tradition and identity. They don’t stay at that site because of lethargy, it’s a daily exercise in PR.

If your work offices are looking drab and your location is outdated you may be thinking to move and polish up your brand. Keeping fresh and contemporary is crucial for a business that interacts with customers and clients. Unless you are an antique shop, it’s best not to become one. A Serviced Office could be the solution. If many of your staff now work from home or they are out on client visits most of the time it makes no sense to search for new office space with a long-term lease and an agreement full of clauses. Your budget probably won’t stretch to afford the location you really desire.

A Serviced Office gives you the prestige location you need, whether close to your customers at the centre of the regional suburbs or in the city CBD at a stylish office building close to transport with all the amenities you could ever wish.

You’ll impress your client base present and future with a change of address and you will save a tremendous amount of money by not doing everything yourself. A Serviced Office won’t lock you into long term leases and you don’t need to worry about paying for security or maintenance or utilities or arranging furnishings, it’s all taken care of by the professional Serviced Office management.  

Serviced Offices are really the modern solution in these very challenging times, you can scale up and get more space or scale down and know that you have a great address for your mail and packages. Your clients can always visit and meet with you in a stylish modern environment and your staff will really enjoy the change.

Enthusiasm and ambition are the key drivers of business success. Your office space needs to exude that confidence and competence. Brand image isn’t just a façade, its also how you see your own integrity. If you don’t present as a successful enterprise its so much harder to convince your clients and even harder to convince your staff that your business is dynamic and built for a successful future.

With Covid19 influencing the commercial world in so many ways, it could be time for your business to assess all the conventional ways you managed your business. Cutting costs is increasingly important when the previous retailing certainties are in a flux. Why does your business need an in-house reception when you can implement a Virtual Receptionist solution to answer calls and save money while being certain your firm will never miss a call again? You’ll need to compete harder but smarter. Brand image will be increasingly important in the immediate future, being seen as capable and dynamic, supplying new services and products and truly adapting will be crucial.

The traditional workspace, the conventional office space arrangement is being shattered. Social distancing has reduced the number of people that can fit into previous office layouts. Customers and clients want space around them. People are wary of the previous long commutes on public transport. Health-conscious clients prefer visiting locations that are easy to get to, without crowds, places that are open, with good air flow and natural light and views that invigorate.

Appearances matter. What is the image your business displays to the marketplace in these new times of change and disruption? A half empty office of empty workspaces with the same old fittings and a tiny lift that people are wary of sharing?  Is that the office space behind your brand? Isn’t it time to think a bit differently? Think Serviced offices, think Virtual Offices, think Virtual Receptionists.

Think about paying only for what your business really needs. Some great workspace, scalable. A great location, central and respected. New furniture, new fittings, new views. Imagine.

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