The Lean Business. Can you save costs without reducing service?

The Lean Business. Can you save costs without reducing service?

Pressure to reduce costs?

Thinking about reducing costs can bring on a worrying negative perspective if you aren’t open to the changes in today’s business environment.

You can reduce costs and improve the image of your company. You can expand the services and the rapport with your important clients while you reduce outlays. It’s all very possible

The Serviced Office solution answers these cost reduction challenges by being lean, versatile and practical. Its totally possible to reduce costs and improve the outlook for your business.

Let’s be realistic. Think of all the outlays you pay for a conventional leased office space. You have charges for utilities, security, cleaning and maintenance. Then there is the restocking for the amenities for the bathrooms and the kitchen. There are outlays for furniture, office chairs and tables, phones and internet. And then you have your own in-house reception that you are still paying for whether the phone rings or not. Does a business really need to bother with all this?

If you have a conventional office lease, even when half your staff are working from home, you are still paying for all that empty space, those empty desks. Although your boardroom is only utilised for a few hours every week, you are still paying for all that unused time. All that lighting, those work stations, the air conditioning and heating.

The model for office space utilisation is changing. Advances in technology and connectivity are shaping new approaches to the “workplace”.

Let’s examine the lean alternative to the traditional office lease.

At a Serviced Office you will only pay for what you use. Need a large fully furnished conference room for twenty people under Covid19 protocols? Done. You’ve only paid for the time you’ve used the room. You didn’t need to buy that stylish furniture or choose the paintings. You didn’t have to install the state-of-the-art conferencing and audio-visual tech and your firm didn’t have set up the room with your own refreshments. Need some meeting rooms so you can train new staff and interview prospective salespeople. Done. You have private meeting rooms with full connectivity, totally chic but fit for purpose spaces that your business can utilise, and you only pay for what you’ve used. No longer need the meeting rooms and conference rooms, just want to work from the private suites and co-working facilities? All good. Only pay for what you use.

Now, lets think about image. Can you reduce costs while improving your business image for your clients and your staff? When you don’t have to pay for all those overheads incumbent to a traditional office space, you can realise the potential of the flexibility of the Serviced Office solution. Want to improve your business image, your business presence? A prestige CBD address provides an instant impression. Your important clients will be pleased to travel to your offices because they are so central and convenient to transport. They will also like the modern furnishings, the superb city views, the ambience and the space and the safety and security of a prestige well ordered environment. Especially in this time of pandemic and health precautions, the strict cleaning regimen, the natural light, the air quality, the modern open scalable space and the central location will comfort your staff and alleviate the concerns of your clients.

Your staff will love the change. A premium environment will bring enhanced status. Now your people have splendid city views when they come to the office. At Serviced Office Directory our serviced offices are always positioned conveniently close to all forms of transport, surrounded by the best hospitality venues and within an area that is highly respected with premium blue chip and cutting-edge companies situated all around. The networking options are obvious, your serviced CBD office is an entry to a dynamic commercial hub of talent and experience.

Serviced offices are not only a sensible solution for Australian companies. International businesses entering the Australian market also use Serviced Offices at our CBD locations. They want a base that is prestigious, safe and private with flexible leasing and the opportunity to scale up or scale down their space requirements. It’s hard enough work understanding the nuances of Australian commercial life and developing your market without all the added work of arranging workspace within the old traditional framework.

Our Serviced Office packages can also take advantage of the lean alternative to telephone answering. Employing your own in-house reception or driving yourself crazy interrupting your focus throughout the workday by ensuring you or your key staff stop the ringing phone. Give all that away. Take advantage of the cost-effective Virtual Receptionist solution to call management. Just pick the package that most suits your current call volume and hand all the call handling to our Australian based Virtual Reception team. Imagine you’ve run a national wide sales campaign from your Serviced Offices private suites – just let the phone calls from interested consumers be answered by our Virtual Reception team - we are scalable and professional and local.

Let’s be realistic. Why would you employ your own staff to answer each and every phone call to your business? Isn’t it wiser to have a reliable professional Virtual Receptionist filtering the calls and messaging or transferring the calls according to your prioritisation directions? Your Virtual Receptionist team will create a FAQ for your business under your instructions. They will warmly welcome callers in your company’s name and your customers will simply think they are working in your office. A Virtual Receptionist also means certainty. You won’t have to co-ordinate how the phone calls will be answered when your in-house staff are on annual leave, off sick or when your reception is off getting lunch. A Virtual Receptionist is always there, mundane concerns about call handling will be a things of the past. Lean and professional call management – a friendly welcoming voice whenever you need it, and only pay for what you use.

You can save costs without reducing service. A Serviced Office is the solution that answers many of the concerns of today for modern small and medium size businesses. Cost effective. Safe hygienic environment. Central location for easy access. Impressive respected office building. Comfortable furnishings with superb ambience. Scalable - add more space whenever you need it.

Call our Serviced Offices customer team and get ready to fully focus on your business enterprise and leave all those mundane admin chores and office complexities far behind.

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